Interested in speaking?

We have received more talk ideas than we have slots to schedule them in. We look forward to having you join us as a participant. Talks are largely selected based on the most requested topics mentioned by participants when they register. If your talk topic does not make it onto the event's schedule, you'll be encouraged to present it at an upcoming Bay Area Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup. We have a limited number of spots, and thank everyone in advance for their understanding.

Important: if you spoke in 2016, you are asked to wait until our 2018 event to propose another talk. By taking a year off, you are allowing an opportunity for a new speaker to share their knowledge/wisdom with the community.

At camp, the emphasis is on conversation over presentation and the event welcomes both first-time and seasoned speakers. If you have a talk idea you want to speak on, and one or more other people express interest in the same or similar topics, you will be connected and encouraged to work together on a session.

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