2023 Talks

This page has information on the 12 talks at this year's camp which will give you a feel of what to expect during the day. The schedule is now live.

Track A

The intersection of digital + physical accessibility in rideshare: challenges and opportunities

Chris (Product Manager) and Briana (Head of Accessibility Policy) will briefly explore the ways Uber is considering accessibility. Then we will invite participants in open dialogue to offer lived-experience insights along with technical and experiential considerations of using rideshare with mobility aids, service animals, as well as through the lens of cognitive impairment and neurodiversity.

Hosted by: Briana Gilmore and Chris Yoon

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ARIA - The Past Present and Future and How You Can Shape It

This talk will look into the latest developments in version 1.2 and 1.3 of ARIA, the evolution of ARIA Authoring Practices and the integration of the ARIA-AT project. We will then explore the many ways the community can shape its future and some of the future work currently being developed.

Hosted by: James Nurthen

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Why are there so few people with cognitive disabilities in the tech workforce?

We will explore The Accidental Ally's journey to build the next gen of disabled talent in a fun and interactive session with The Dream Team. You will get a chance to hear from the talented, hardworking and very enthusiastic team of people with cognitive disabilities who are creating a blueprint for enabling the big shift in disability employment. Join us for an engaging session and a chance to win some prizes!

Hosted by: Gayatri Kini, Rohan Bhupatiraju, Michael Lopez Guerra, and Laith Omran

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Capturing the Magic of GIFs through the Art of Human Description

GIFs are an important part of our daily lives thanks to their unique ability to convey ideas, emotions, and humor in ways that static images often can’t. Without alt text, the moment is lost and excludes millions. GIPHY and Scribely teamed up to describe 10K+ of the most popular GIFs on the internet today. Learn how we made it all happen at scale and how you can make these important bits of internet culture more inclusive for everyone.

Hosted by: Caroline Desrosiers and Jason Stein

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Towards building accessible-first product at Asana

Here at Asana, we’re empowering teams with Asanaria: a library of foundational accessibility behaviors for UI components. In this session learn about what motivated us to build Asanaria, the taxonomy of accessibility behaviors we chose, our technical & architectural approach, and how it’s helping us accelerate the accessibility of Asana.

Hosted by: Rodney Folz

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Creating and Using the Figma Plug-In Include (from eBay)

Considering accessibility early in any project is critical. With a close collaboration among the Core Accessibility Team, Design, and Design Technology team, eBay created Include – a Figma plug-in used to annotate accessibility requirements and help the conversation between designer and developer. We’ll discuss the plug-in, a bit about how we got here, and demonstrate some of its features.

Hosted by: Mark Lapole and Aidan Tierney

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Track B

Automated Accessibility Testing The Next Generation

Discussion of how developers can make use of results generated from automated testing so that the adoption of accessibility testing during development proportionally translates to sustainable and progressive improvements in accessibility downstream.

Hosted by: Noah Mashni

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Walmart Testing Strategy/Testing Process: testing tips and processes at scale

Learn about the accessibility testing process at Walmart and how Walmart handles accessibility at scale. In this talk, you’ll learn about our high-level accessibility process, how we partner with different teams, and how we test for accessibility.

Hosted by: Giovani (Gio) Camara and Nhi Nguyen

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Accessible Social Media Posts

A cat-themed talk on making accessible social media, from platform features (alt text, captions) to author responsibility (color contrast, motion). As a group, we'll create an Instagram post for @mrmarshmellowkitty. Lastly, we'll dive into how simply making our own posts accessible can raise awareness outside our a11y circles.

Hosted by: Lauren Janicki

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Lessons Learned in Renewing Our Accessibility Practice

Have you been working on Accessibility at your company but not making the progress you would like? Please join this talk to learn what was successful for us, as we renewed our Accessibility Practice at ServiceNow and 3 simple steps you can take today.

Hosted by: Aileen Hackett, Pratik Contractor, and Tony Morales,

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Trust Is The True Measure of Inclusion

In this session, you’ll learn why trust is the best way for your organization to measure inclusion. We will focus on 4 key areas in your accessibility program management and DevOps work that will help you create more equitable and personal digital experiences for your users. These techniques will not only help you meet your baseline for access, but they will build loyalty and trust that goes beyond WCAG and user testing.

Hosted by: Elle Waters

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Artificial Intelligence and Accessibility – How Deque Uses Machine Learning to Enhance Testing

Figuring out exactly where Machine Learning approaches can be used effectively in accessibility requires an understanding what is currently missing as well as how these statistical methods work. Here at Deque, we are using Machine Learning to address several impactful and practical areas of accessibility testing. In my talk, I will discuss where I believe AI is suited to help, what its current limitations are, and how the technology behind our AI powered tests works.

Hosted by: Noé Barrell

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