2024 Talks

This page has information on the 9 talks at this year's camp which will give you a feel of what to expect during the day. The schedule is now live.

Design System Accessibility

What is wrong with Design Systems today? What are Design Systems? Why is it important for a Design System to be accessible? Do I need to worry about accessibility beyond my design system? What do we do at Intuit? Learn how to apply what we have done to your own Design Systems.

Hosted by: Ken Bigler

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Unlocking the Interactive Power of AI: Transforming Static Reports into Engaging Experiences

AI Chatbot that serves as an information accessibility expert and assistant to take static documents and adapt them into interactive experiences. These tools make content adaptable, engaging readers like never before. Dive into discussions about how this could shape the future of work and education.

Hosted by: Sarah G. Wood

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Mobile Accessibility Fundamentals: A beginner's guide to understanding how assistive technologies work on mobile devices

I will cover Accessibility options on mobile, Mobile vs Web, The Accessibility API on mobile, and frameworks like React Native.

Hosted by: Ugi Kutluoglu

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Focus At Work

Focus is getting worse in the workplace both organizationally and individually, especially impacting employees with neurodivergence. We will discuss themes from Geshido's primary research on the needs, wants, and struggles of these employees, as well as best practices that every team can implement to improve collective focus.

Hosted by: Christina Chang

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Mobile App Accessibility is in its Cross-Platform Era

Cross-platform app frameworks such as React Native and Flutter have gained traction in recent years. They aim to optimize development by enabling the deployment of both an iOS and Android app from one codebase. What does this mean for the accessibility of these mobile apps though? Let’s talk about it!

Hosted by: Rachael Yomtoob

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Leading Laterally: Accessibility from the Bottom Up

Accessibility policy often starts with an individual’s dedication, rather than top-down intervention. This can cause enforcement to fall on people who are not in the workplace hierarchy above the people they are requesting changes of. Given these constraints, we will discuss best practices for connecting with coworkers and implementing accessibility.

Hosted by: Brian McNeilly

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Enhancing Real-Time Communication for AAC Users: A Case Study in Co-Design and Efficiency

Assistive technology is vital for autonomy in daily activities. Yet Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device users still often face challenges in real-time communication due to message composition delays. From this talk, you’ll learn about AAC and a design case study working with a non-verbal, physically restricted AAC user with cerebral palsy.

Hosted by: Yvonne (Yiwen) Hou

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Greenlines System for Accessible User Experience

Greenlines is a tool UX designers utilize to annotate design, providing developers with guidance for creating accessible code, and serving as a reference for testers to assess compliance. As an advocate for the “shift left” strategy, I’ve helped incorporate accessibility into the requirements and design stages of the product development life cycle by creating, standardizing, and branding a set of accessibility markers called “Greenlines” and made it available to every designer at JPMorgan Chase.

Hosted by: Linda Nakasone

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How Continuous Accessibility Can Contribute to an Organization’s Accessibility maturity

Summary: Continuous Accessibility is described by Melanie Sumner as “ensuring that code intended to be displayed in browsers can be continuously checked and monitored for digital accessibility requirements through a novel application of existing software engineering concepts and WCAG.” How does Melanie’s concept of CA fit into digital accessibility maturity?

Hosted by: Andrew Hedges

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